Decorative Moulding

White River Embossed mouldings give profiles a beautifully subtle ornamental look beyond standard mouldings. Embossed mouldings create a customized and unique look for any home and are also used to enhance bookshelves, cabinetry, mirrors and many areas beyond the usual mouldings in a home. Embossed mouldings are created by pressing a pattern into the wood and altering the wood fibers. All of the embossed profiles are available in Poplar with some profiles also available in Oak.
Mon Reale is a fine-grained overlay material contoured to traditional hardwood to create a moulding of unusual elegance. The depth of detail provides much greater degree of definition than that found in our popular ornamentally embossed mouldings to create a look for surpassing elegance. Mon Reale moulings can be stained or painted.
White Rivers Mon Reale Large Combination Details offer large scale proportions for today’s homes and commercial projects. Proportional mouldings enhance your room size and add impact to create a sense of loftiness. On low ceilings (8′- 9′) large crowns actually appear to support and define the ceiling, thus increasing the feeling of height. Tall baseboards, wide casings and ornate chair rails add eye-catching architectural elements that foster interest and engage the attention of whoever is in the room.

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