Misc Mouldings

Miscellaneous mouldings are combination of mouldings that have a specialty purpose, and are used to add the extra details that add that unique character to your property. Included in this category are Rosette blocks, Astragals, Stuccos, Bricks, T&G Wainscots, Wiggle Molds, Dentils, Ropes, and Door Headers.
Rosette blocks and base Plinth Blocks are considered traditional yet add a beautiful architectural element. No mitering and easy installation makes them a favorable choice for adding detail. When choosing a baseboard that is thicker than your casing simply put a thicker bottom of your casing that is ¼” or greater in thickness and in height than the baseboards. Rosettes are used at the top of casings on each corner it should be ¼” -3/4″ wider than casing. Casing is but jointed into bottom of Rosette, Comes in different designs and sizes and adds elegance and personal touch to your house.

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